NEW: Rome: San Cesareo in Palatio.

Roman history. Year by year posts and several essays about the history of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire.

Italy. This is essentially my travel blog. I discuss some of the wonderful places and monuments I have visited during my travels to Arezzo, Ferrara, Florence, Milan, Padova, Ravenna, Rome, Siena, Venice and the various cities and towns of the Friuli, Tuscany and the Veneto.

The Greek World. My travel blog continued. Information about the sights and sounds of Crete and Cyprus.

Portugal. More from my travels. Tales from the country of Fado and Azulejos.

Nederlandse geschiedenis. Two complete series can be found here. One deals with the Binnenhof complex, the seat of the Houses of Parliament, the other with interesting, yet largely forgotten events in Dutch parliamentary history. Other topics covered here are Antiquity and the Middle Ages, the Dutch Rebellion and the Golden Century, the eighteenth and nineteenth century and the twentieth century and the present. In Dutch only.

Italië ontsluierd. Dutch translations of English posts about Rome, Italy and the Roman Empire.

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